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Action contre la Faim prépare dès maintenant la crise alimentaire qui suivra la crise sanitaire. Ils ont besoin de vous !

Alerte Solidarité – Emmaüs en Danger

Pour la première fois de son histoire, EMMAÜS est en danger. Pour continuer à agir pour les plus fragiles, ils ont besoin de VOUS.

Mobilisez-vous au côté de l’Institut Pasteur

L’Institut Pasteur a mobilisé toutes ses expertises et ses ressources pour lutter contre ce virus émergent et ses conséquences. Mobilisez-vous à leur côté et soutenez leurs actions !

Urgence COVID-19, soutenez la Croix-Rouge française

La Croix-Rouge française appelle aux dons pour lutter contre le Covid-19 et aider les publics en difficulté. Soutenez leurs actions !

Urgence COVID-19, faites un don

Soutenez les acteurs engagés contre le COVID-19, participez à leurs collectes d’urgence !

Participez au Fonds d’urgence Covid-19 de l’AP-HP

Soutenez l’AP-HP et l’ensemble des personnels soignants engagés au quotidien dans la lutte contre le COVID-19, participez au fonds d’urgence !

Soutenez les élèves les plus fragiles face à la crise sanitaire !

Soutenez la communauté éducative face au défi de l’enseignement à distance pour les élèves qui en ont le plus besoin !

De beste casinoene 2020:

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Faites des dons !

Une carte prépayée, physique ou digitale à offrir, chargée d’un montant correspondant à la valeur d’un don. Un cadeau positif et engagé qui permet de soutenir les causes de votre choix. A offrir sans modération !

Vos dons font la différence

Environnement, éducation, patrimoine.
Sur Commeon, découvrez des projets solidaires et agissez en quelques clics !

ComeOn Casino

What ComeOn Casino does

ComeOn casino bonus

ComeOn Free spins

ComeOn slots

ComeOn odds and betting

Registering on ComeOn Casino

Payment on ComeOn Casino

ComeOn mobile

About/ Contact us

Why us

This doesn’t happen often, but when it does – it makes you scream! Usually it happens due to connection issues or updates that affect the game. No worries though since the game keeps on running backstage, just reopen the game once it’s back and you will continue where you left of. Certain games such as Live Casino will return your stake if this happens.

We offer deposit limits, spending limits and reality check. Deposit limits are explained in the next tab. All limits take effect immediately once set up. Spending limit is available for daily, weekly and monthly use and it calculates the sum of all your deposits and withdrawals. Reality check is a reminder when you have played games for a certain period of time. You can choose a pop up from every 1 hour up to every 6 hours and your wins and losses for that current session will be displayed.

To be in control of your gambling, we offer a variety of limits such as daily, weekly and/or monthly deposit limits. A deposit limit takes effect instantly and looks back into your account history to calculate how much in deposits you have made within the relevant time interval. You can change your limit from the Limits section. Keep in mind that any deposit limit increase will require a 72-hour cool-off period. Any deposit limit decrement will take effect immediately.

From the Shop you can purchase bonuses, free spins and free bets with points! You accumulate points by logging in daily, verifying your mobile number and email address, sending us approved documents, depositing, your first withdrawal and placing bets. To start shopping, click on SHOP on the top right side!

Click on Deposit on the top right corner and simply choose your preferred method. The deposit fee depends on your preferred method however more information about this can be found on the FAQs.

To withdraw your funds you need to click on Withdraw from the top right and choose your withdrawal method. Your withdrawal will be processed or refused within 24 hours. We are required to verify your account hence we might ask you to submit documents before you can withdraw. Each customer is allowed 2 free withdrawals within a rolling 30 day period after which a fee equivalent to the current rate of €5 will be applied.

As obliged by the license, you will need to upload proof of your ID and proof of your address as well as proof of payment menhods used for deposits/withdrawals.

Proof of Identity
Must be a Passport, Driving License or other official Government issued ID card
Both Front and Back of ID card must be received
Document must be valid
Document must show expiry date, unaltered photo and your date of birth
Water marks on documents must be visible

Proof of Address
Must be either a utility bill, mobile phone bill or bank statement
Must show your FULL name, address including any post/ zip codes, official logo of issuing company
Must be dated within the last 6 months (180 days)
Must be able to see full document

Debit or Credit Card
Front and Back of card must be received
Cover the middle 6 digits of your credit card. The first 6 and last 4 digits must be visible
CVC/CVV number must be covered
Must correspond with credit card number used on ComeOn
Picture must show whole card

Bank Transfer (Bank Statement)
Must be dated within the last 6 months (180 days)
Must show your full name and address (screenshots of online banking does not require the address to show)
Must show the full bank account number, and correspond with the bank account used on ComeOn
Must show Bank Logo
Screenshots must show full page

If the Bank Statement is being submitted for a manual withdrawal, IBAN and BIC (Swift) Code must be visible.

Must show your full name and account number/email
Must relate to ComeOn account, i.e. Skrill email must match ComeOn account
Must show the full browser page
Must show the same voucher number as the voucher used on ComeOn

Must show the same voucher number as the voucher used on ComeOn

Once logged in, follow this link – -. The formats accepted are bmp, pdf, gif, jpeg, jpg, png and tif.

We use random number generators (RNG). These are approved and tested accordingly by two independent third parties, Technical Systems Testing in Canada and iTech Labs in Australia to ensure a fair game play.

To close your account, click on Account Setting on the right hand side and click on Close Account. You have a few reasons to choose from depending on why you would like to close your account.

De beste casinoene 2020:

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