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Deuces Wild

Ready to play Deuces Wild for real?

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Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild is a popular video poker variation that is played online and uses a standard deck of 52 cards. In this video poker variant, deuces (2s) are wild, and they substitute any other card on the deck to form a winning hand. This, therefore, makes winning in this game far much easier, but consequently, the paytable is a bit tighter than other video poker variants such as Aces and Eights or Jacks or Better.

How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild video poker is a simple and easy to play game as it plays in more or less the same way as most other video poker variants. A bet is placed at the beginning of a hand and players are dealt five cards. Players may hold all five or discard up to five cards to receive new cards in the quest for a better and winning hand.

Deuces Wild Paid Hands

  • Natural Royal Flush
  • Four Deuces
  • Wild Royal Flush
  • Five of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind

The highest paying hand is a Royal Flush, and the lowest paying hand is Three of a Kind.

Deuces Wild Hand Rankings

  • Royal Flush without a Deuce: This is the highest paying hand in Deuces Wild video poker, and it consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, all the same suit.
  • Four Deuces: This is the second highest paying hand, and it consists of four 2s.
  • Wild Royal Flush: This is actually a Royal Flush, but contains two or more 2s.
  • Five of a Kind: Is a hand containing five cards of the same value (four cards plus one 2).
  • Straight Flush: Contains five successive cards of the same suit (e.g. 8H, 9H, 10H, Jack of hears, and Queen of hearts).
  • Four of a Kind: Consists of four cards of the same value.
  • Full House: Consists of three cards of similar values and two cards of different values.
  • Flush: A hand with any five cards of the same suit, but not necessarily in consecutive order.
  • Straight: Consists of five successive cards from different card suits (e.g. Jack of Hearts, 10S, 9S, 8C, and 7D).
  • Three of a Kind: A hand with any three cards of same value.
  • Note that Two Pair and a Pair do not pay in Deuces Wild video poker.

The presence of 2s (deuces) in Deuces Wild video poker is what makes this variant truly exciting and far more volatile than other online video poker games.

Winning Strategy for Deuces Wild Video Poker

  • If you are dealt a hand with four deuces, hold all five cards, as you cannot improve this hand anyway.
  • If you are dealt a hand with three deuces, which is highly unlikely, then you can choose to hold all five cards or go for Five of a Kind or a Royal Flush.
  • If you are dealt a hand with two deuces, keep the two deuces and draw new cards; or keep any of the four cards to a Royal Flush. Always hold any Four of a Kind or better.
  • If you are dealt a hand with a single deuce, keep four cards to a Royal Flush, four cards to any Straight Flush, any Three of a Kind or better, three cards to a Royal Flush, three cards to a Straight Flush if the other two cards are suited connectors, or in all other cases, just keep the deuce.
  • If you have no deuce, hold the highest paying hand. As you do this, never hold four cards to a Royal Flush if you already have a lower paying hand.
  • Hold any three cards to the Royal Flush.
  • Hold any four cards to a Straight Flush.
  • Always hold a four-card Flush.
  • Hold any Two Pair if the Full House pays the same as Four of a Kind.
  • Always hold a four-card Straight.
  • Always hold three cards to a Straight Flush.
  • Always hold deuces.
  • Keep any pair unless you are one card shy of a Straight or Flush.
  • Discard all five cards if you do not have a deuce, a Pair, or any other paying hand.

In Conclusion…

Deuces Wild is an interesting and highly-interactive video poker variant offered both online and at land-based casinos. Mastering play is actually relatively simple and can be a lucrative game if the above strategies are applied. Always play Deuces Wild on a full pay table to get better payouts on winning hands.

Video poker Deuces Wild

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Pay Table
Natural Royal Flush pays 250X Four of a Kind pays 5X
Four Deuces pays 200X Full House pays 3X
Five of a Kind pays 25X Flush pays 2X
Royal Flush (with Deuces) pays 15X Straight pays 2X
Straight Flush pays 9X Three of a Kind pays 1X
  • To CHANGE your bet before the draw, MAX out the bet, then click BET button 3 times. Bet will go to zero.
  • If you go broke, just use your browser’s RELOAD or REFRESH button or exit the game and then return.

Deuces Wild

Probably the most common of all poker variations played online today is Deuces Wild. This draw poker game uses the normal 52 card pack, but each of the four «two point» cards or «deuces» may represent any card chosen by the player who holds them in their hand. This variation provides players with a greater chance of making a winning hand, and payout rates are adjusted accordingly.

The card game of poker has more variations than any other card game played today. The transfer from traditional card game to online poker play has seen a remarkable explosion of interest in all variations of the game, and new online poker websites appear on internet websites on a regular basis.

Rule playing follows standard draw poker hand rankings, but normally a minimum hand for winning will be two pairs, or one pair of king or aces. Following the initial ante bet, each player is dealt five cards face down. Players examine their hand and select a specific number of cards to exchange. Certain house rules may set a maximum number of cards that can be replaced, although many games will permit players to replace all five cards in their hands. Once the draw is complete, players will show their hands, and payout is made according to a pre-defined schedule. Players lucky enough to hold deuces will use these as wild cards, thus greatly increasing their chances of beating the «house».

In addition to the standard payout, Deuces Wild poker players may also be able to gamble on a winning hand and double their payout. This is normally achieved by the dealer taking one card face up, and dealing four more face down from which the player selects one card. If the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s, then a double payout is made to the player. If the dealer’s card is higher than the player’s then the player forfeits their win. Players have a third option of gambling half of their win, and attempting to double up on the other half. If they lose out on the double, they still keep half of their initial winnings.

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Video Poker Deuces Wild – jeu Casino gratuit

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Informations sur le jeu Video Poker Deuces Wild

Titre : Video Poker Deuces Wild
Catйgorie : Casino
Parties de jeu jouйes : 226
Taille du jeu en ligne : 243.21 Ko

Apprйciations des joueurs de Video Poker Deuces Wild

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Description :

Jouer gratuitement en ligne vidйo poker deux primй.

Objectifs :

vidйo poker fanatiques devraient profiter de ce casino de qualitй de jeu de vidйo poker en ligne. chaque main de poker vidйo, le jeu, les sons et les oeuvres d’art reflиtent l’action et la dйpendance dйfi de l’un des plus chauds du casino de jeux.

Commandes :

bouton de la souris

Details :

Play our free online Video Poker Deuces Wild.

Objective :

Video Poker fanatics should enjoy this casino-quality game of video poker online. Every video poker hand, game play, sounds and artwork reflect the action and addicting challenge of one of the casino\’s hottest games.

Commands :

Commentaires sur Video Poker Deuces Wild

Classement des joueurs sur Video Poker Deuces Wild

Rang Joueur Pseudo Joueur Score Joueur Date d’Ajout Score
JAJA 19000 23-12 а 16:25:12
automne 5225 17-11 а 09:41:41
tyachey 5035 03-07 а 06:17:12
Plume 4100 17-09 а 13:48:51
FIFOUNE 3025 21-04 а 20:31:31
lilulu 1650 20-03 а 03:29:59
YARAB 1525 02-04 а 21:07:56
ZOUB 1400 19-04 а 12:42:48
NINI 1250 18-04 а 15:17:08
danysaintleger 1135 19-04 а 13:06:15
tyachey2 1135 17-06 а 06:37:53
JimmyBD 1015 15-11 а 12:11:05
x 1000 16-04 а 19:42:01
linda 1000 30-01 а 17:54:45
MARKO 980 22-02 а 18:44:34
teddo 950 18-11 а 18:55:27
SOBI 25 29-11 а 20:02:09
————– 25 05-12 а 20:05:59
YOUSSSS 25 23-03 а 20:20:25
NNN 25 05-03 а 19:45:03
TETEDECON 25 12-04 а 13:19:21
———-jjjjjjjjjj 25 11-04 а 19:56:22
BB 25 04-05 а 20:24:40
grozob 25 04-04 а 15:36:34
windjammer 25 14-07 а 17:10:49
26 portail5 5 29-01 а 16:05:20
27 cantalou 5 29-10 а 15:54:49
28 madabra 1.5 07-03 а 23:53:24

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